Regina`s Dolls


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I grew up during the years of World War II. So my very first doll was a rag one, sewn by my granny with the face and curls in blue ink drawn by my mother. Besides I got 3 rag bears my cousin used to play with before the war. When my aunt returned to Moscow, she sent me a large doll in Russian costume. It was printed on flax cloth. I kept it as well as several others until I was 16, when the cousinТs son was born. Still I kept УDed MorozФ (Russian Santa) which had lost his bag and a walking stick. In 1947 my parents bought me 2 dolls with sleeping eyes: one made in Russia, which I later presented to my best friend who had no doll, the other one by Kammer & Reinhardt, which my parents saw in the shop window in Moscow still lives in my flat as well as a teddy, presented to me 1945. In 1970 I received the very first costume doll, the daughter of an Indian chief made in Hong Kong and dressed by American Indians. Now my national costume doll collection consists of about 600 ones out of 58 countries and 230 dolls representing republics of the former Soviet Union. In 1980 I began collecting Matryoshkas (Nesting dolls) now the number exceeds 350. They were made at 36 different places and by individual craftsmen. I wrote some articles about them. The number of teddy bears is about 220. In the collection there are about 60 dolls of Barbie type, 60 clowns, heroes of books, fairy tales, films, TV programs; dolls children had played with. Dolls from the collection are often exhibited in the museums of cities and towns in Russia.

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