Bamboo doll from Shuzenyl onsen, a famous spa, a cloth head attire
(h 20 cm)

Japanese singer-dancer in a rich kimono (h 25 cm)

Japan doll fron the island of Sado in the Sea of Japan, Okesa. Okesa is the folk song of the island.
It has a trade mark: Union of producers of high quality souvenirs of Sado.

Japan Souvenir kokeshi dolls (classical dolls consist of a wooden cylinder and a sphere). The doll in the middle has a box with the name Hydrangea. The author of the doll on the right is Tomio Ishida.

Dolls from Indonesia (from the left)
1,3. Marionette dolls from Wayang-golek Theatre from Java;
2. Pergiva dancer (Middle Java);
4. Dancer from Sefinpi, North Sumatra;
5. Doll in the national costume from Sulsee (Java);
6. Jaruda (Eagle) dance performer from Bali.

Mexican Boy Doll with plastic head, legs, hands and soft body. Sombrero cloth costume, embroidery, beeds.
1999, h 75 cm.

Origami Emperor and Emperess dolls from Japan.
Made by Fumeo Oda in 1993.

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